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Below are some testimonials from residents and family members that have made The Inn on Westport their home. We invite you to come and visit our community and talk firsthand with current residents and to take a tour!

Just a note to say “thank you” for the excellent facility of care you provide for all of the residents. My parents are Ray & Grace, and mom often comments on how fortunate they are to be living at “The Inn.” It’s beautiful and well kept at all times. The staff is courteous and kind, Mom really likes her new cleaning lady! I thank God they have such a great place to live at this time of their lives.


Daughter of Resident

Thank you so much for your responsiveness to the note about my Mom’s heating unit. Shane called me the very next day to say he had already worked on the unit and had done some things to make it run quieter. He said Mom thought it was better and that’s what counts. If Mom is happy, we are happy too.

We are still looking into getting a different thermostat for her, one that will be a little easier for her to see.

And thank you for the wonderful dinner on February 13. I was very impressed with the food that was served as well as the pretty table setting. So many new changes at The Inn at Westport, I am happy to watch all the work on the atrium. It will be beautiful when it’s done.

It was fun to see you and to visit for a bit. Thanks for all you do, Donna. I just can’t imagine how busy you must be.

I appreciate all that you and your staff do for my Mom. She and we, her family, felt right at home from the start of her stay at Westport.

Thanks for everything,


Mother of Resident

I could not let another moment pass without expressing my thoughts about Mom’s caseworkers/caregivers (hopefully that is the correct title). This week has especially shown me how exceptional are Cindy and Pam in their professionalism, tenacity, concern and caring for those who depend on them. A litany of superlatives could be made here for their effort expended that, in my opinion, may have actually saved my mother.

Mom’s tenuous condition over the last four months has been the foremost concern for Carmen, Craig, and me. Her vacillating physical and mental state, results of visits with two doctors (Whitten and Hurley), ensuing discussions about her future prospects, angst and inquiry about suitable environment and care levels have been of daunting concern for us. In addition to conversations with Carmen, Cindy’s additional advisory calls to me about the changes in Mom are greatly appreciated, considering my being out of the area.

But we have Cindy and Pam in Mom’s corner…

Cindy, through her own research and due diligence on Mom’s behalf, found what appears to have been part of the root of Mom’s worrisome and, now known to have been dangerous, situation of drug interaction. Dr. Hurley’s response of praise to Cindy’s discovery is so well deserved. Because of her concern and attention to detail, Mom’s condition has significantly turned in just two days. Cindy has set the standard to be emulated.

The Inn on Westport is accountable for the care and welfare of its residents and earning the trust of the residents’ families. From all that I have seen and been made aware of over Mom’s years with you – and especially now, with this latest event – the high marks that I give the place that Mom calls home and my confidence for her well-being are appropriate and well placed.

While it is out of my realm of influence, I do hope you might consider sharing this note of commendation with your staff and H.R., for Cindy and Pam deserve lauds!

Thank you, too, Nita for your informative emails, which are most helpful.

Many thanks,


Mother of Resident

Thank you to all the staff who gave their love and warmest care to Arlyce during the almost 3 years at the Inn. It means a lot to her family that she was in a safe and warm environment. She indeed did not let any grass grow under her feet for she was constantly on the go.

Let the music she loved be in our hearts and the dance always in our step. She loved to dance and teach people to dance. Even the most hesitating people got up and did the little jog with her. How could you not? Thank you for your kind devotion it will not be forgotten.

Arlyce’s Children

Children of Resident